Redskins Salary Cap Cut 36 mil for 2 Years

by TheBurgundyBlogger

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Washington Redskins will be penalized with a 36 million dollar cap hit over the next 2 years. They can choose to split it up between the 2 years, or put it all this year or next year. 

Apparently, they’re being penalized for manipulating the situation in the uncapped year back in 2010. They front loaded contracts, making sure their salary cap numbers for 2012 and beyond were better. 

Why the NFL would punish a team for reaping the full benefits of a scenario that affected the entire league, I know not. I mean….it was an UNCAPPED year. Why would you not try and set yourself up for the future??

I don’t understand this. Probably just something else to help out Roger’s favorite teams…the Skins and Cowboys are both being penalized, and every NFL team will be given an additional 1.6 mil in cap space this year to spend on free agency or re-signing their own players. The only teams to not receive any money from the 2 penalties are the Saints and the Raiders.